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"Success lives in the way you speak to the world"

Being a brilliant communicator can bring you wealth and success.

"Public Speaking instantly boosts your value by 50%" Warren Buffet

Everyone sits somewhere along the Speaker Skills Spectrum, but no-one is born at the top. Great presentation is down to skills that can be learnt, practised and developed.

You can learn to PITCH POWERFULLY!

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Learn how to speak brilliantly at your next meeting.

Be the person everyone listens to in a meeting.  Give outstanding presentations and raise your profile at work.  Get your voice heard in positively and talk with confidence, influence and clarity.

Learn the Seven Secrets of Successful Speakers

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Why Speaker Studio?

I am a Pitch Coach.

I can help you craft and deliver a winning investment pitch.

As a former professional actress, who later qualified as an NLP Trainer, I spent 10 years in Senior Executive roles at Apple and Google. 

My unique journey enables me to share the secrets of stellar speaking with you.

My Story

Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

"There are only two types of speakers in the world. 1 - The Nervous and 2 - Liars."  Mark Twain

Having the knowledge is one thing, but mastering the skill practically is a whole other ball game.  We teach the critical concepts involved in public speaking and presentation as well as offering individual coaching on each persons specific needs.  Specialised one to one coaching is the key to mastery and growth in speaking skills.

Women in the Workplace

"If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair"  Shirley Chisholm

Even today, women can experience stress in trying to getting their voices and opinions heard positively.  I've experienced first hand, women at senior levels in large global organisations struggle with micro-aggressions and other common workplace dynamics.  In these women only workshops we can explore these issues in a safe environment, help women find their natural, confident voice and build a positive mindset in which both men and women can work together.

Interview Skills

"Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way. —Booker T. Washington 

Take two candidates, both equally qualified, who gets the job?  The one with the best soft skills, of course.  Learn how to impress in your interview so that you have the edge over other the other candidates.  

"Neve is just beyond amaing!! I was part of a business incubator and I was very uncomfortable speaking in public, not a good thing if you have to pitch for funding. Neve completely changed that, the results; winning multiple pitch competitions! And closing our funding round soon! Her knowledge and experience are out of htis world I would recommend her to anyone!"

Dunja Rombouts
Founder - Pickle

"I had a great experience with Speaker Studio. In our session, Neve was super friendly and personable, which instantly put me at ease and allowed me to fully engage in the session. The session was a great balance of theory and fun practical exercises. Honestly speaking, Neve has done more for my confidence in public speaking, than any other public speaking course I have attended, it has been truly transformational. I would definitely recommend Speaker Studio 👍"

Whitney Smith
Online Coach

"Neve is an excellent communicator and coach. She's made such an impact on our founders here at Block DOjo, channeling out their self-esteem, to get out of their shell and most importantly be their authentic selves! All this in just two sessions it's hard to believe! Strongly recommend her services."

Prasant Gurung
satoshi Block Dojo

"Neve is a special kind of trainer. Not only is she very perceptive to the atmosphere in the room, she is also very capable in tuning into the attendee's mood and comment / reflect on this with expert ease. Honest in her feedback, and always respectful, she lets people in her classroom shine, and knows which bits of feedback to provide that increase people's effectiveness and learning 10-fold. You will come out of her training / coaching sessions with new insights, and with a clear plan on how to make it work for you. It's been a pleasure working with her."

Thijs Van Loon
Co-Founder at Synergist Investment & Consulting LL

"Neve is extraordinary. She lectures with passion that is too fierce to ignore. Her course on presentation and influencing through speaking was uniquely useful and I would recommend her to anyone who is seriously thinking about taking on any role that involves public speaking. Highly recommended!"

Hanna Szerszen
Shipping Lawyer

"Neve was superb and gave me a confidence boost. We did a few NLP exercises together and she’s definitely helped me believe in myself more and set me on a positive path to overcome my fears. In addition to that she’s kind and warm and someone who is passionate about helping others! I admire that. Thanks Neve"

Myla Mullins
Senior HR Executive

"Neve is amazing!! Had an amzing experience!"

Jash Kumar

"I have had the pleasure of attending Neves trainings on several occasions over the last years. She is a very experienced and skilled trainer, with a remarkable presence, an ability to listen and learn from her participants – and to make them the centre of the training. Her skill, combined with her warm and positive personality makes it a real pleasure to attend any training she delivers, and I would recommend Neve for training any group of sales trainers, retail staff or store managers."

Lief Erik Moe Paulsen
Professional Sales Trainer

"Neve taught me techniques and different styles in public speaking and how to tailor to different situations. I learnt how to train large and small groups and how to really make a huge impression and make sure that everything I said was understood and retained. I have had other workshops but they never made a difference - but Neve did. She is incredibly supportive and knowledgable which makes a huge difference in the teaching process. If you have the opportunity to learn from her I would take that in a heartbeat. Thank you for the changes you made to my life for the best!"

Oliver Khademi
Freelance Sales Trainer

"Neve spotted my potential and helped me to understand how to captivate an audience. Thanks to her vast knowledge in theatre, she built performance art into the training - I developed skills one would only hope to accrue at drama school. Merging these skills with her forward thinking delivery techniques, my training sessions were loved by all. Theatre was at the heart of my development with Neve, and through her guidance, I was able to convey confidence and captivate an audience of hundreds. She saw what was missing and created something great, from nested loops to spoken word I am confident that I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for Neve's skill and drive in the field."

Nathan Evans
Freelance Trainer

It's all about you!

Get Trained Online


Virtual sessions are really effective and you can schedule your coaching without having to travel from your office or home.

My live online courses are delivered face to face, by me, via Zoom, solving your specific issues and practising techniques to prepare and plan your presentation, pitch or speech. 

I can coach you to remove your obstacles and anxieties.  We will work on body language and gesture, the qualities of charisma, vocal quality, breath, stress, anxiety, mindset and structure and delivery of your presentation content.

We can practise and work on techniques in real time with real guidance from me. 

Follow up coaching is one to one, private coaching where we can focus on you and your individual needs.

This is an opportunity to develop yourself that shouldn't be missed!


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Who is this for...?

92% of HR Directors believe that communication skills are worth their weight in gold Yale Study


Present powerfully & pitch with passion

Speak & inspire your team

Help women find their voice in your organisation


Speak as an authority in your industry

Give promotion-worthy presentations

Speak powerfully on stages & make an impact with social media


Learn how to WOW with data, 

Become a TED style star speaker

Graduating?  Supercharge your soft skills to win that interview.

...It's for you.

Maybe you want to land a promotion at work? Perhaps you dream of starting a business of your own? Everyone from Accountants to Teachers to Authors to Leaders will benefit from developing their communication skills. It's the secret to your success and the most powerful tool we can harness.

How we help YOU

Online Courses & Personal Coaching Sessions

Banish Anxiety

It's natural to fear speaking to a group. We help you harness that (fear) energy and channel it into performance fuel.  Using NLP and Acting techniques and good old practice with coaching feedback, we take you from fearful to fabulous.

Increase your Value

Warren Buffet says being able to speak well in public increases your market value by 50%.  And as the worlds most successful investor he should know, right?  People who speak well win the jobs, get promoted and gain customers.  Give yourself the best chance to succeed by ramping up your communication skills.

Compelling Communicator

Perhaps you want to help your customers understand your brand, colleagues your role or readers your book.  The art and science of communication can be learned, practiced and developed.  It's never too late to excel.

How we help your BUSINESS

Presentation Boot Camps & Coaching

Presentation Literacy

No more boring, tedious presentations that are instantly forgotten and sap the life-blood from your team.  We will give your team the tools to build awesome decks, that send powerful messages, present data visually and bring your team together.

Confidence & Self Esteem

Nothing is more soul-destroying than feeling as if you do not have influence or a voice in your role. Your communication style determines your success in your team.  We give your staff the tools to be compassionate, effective and inspiring team members.

Better Communicators

The ability to articulate your thoughts and engage others to tune in to your message is one of the most valuable skills in the modern world.  The benefits touch your personal life as well as your work life.  If you choose to develop your communication style, it's a win-win.

Do you want to..

...deliver awe inspiring presentations to advance your own career or elevate your team's skill set.

  • give powerful presentations
  • speak successfully on stages
  • become more successful in business
  • build a voice for your brand, art or thesis
  • make more sales and attract more customers
  • be recognised as a leading expert in your field through the power of passionate, compelling and artful speaking.

I have personally coached hundreds of Entrepreneurs, Founders, Trainers, Speakers, Salespeople, Executives and Actors


Find your voice

"Presentation literacy is not optional, it’s a core skill for the 21st Century" - TED's Chris Anderson

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"There are only two types of speakers in the world. 1 - The Nervous and 2 - Liars."  Mark Twain

Having the knowledge is one thing, but mastering the skill practically is a whole other ball game.  We teach the critical concepts involved in public speaking and presentation as well as offering individual coaching on each persons specific needs.  Specialised one to one coaching is the key to mastery and growth in speaking skills.


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