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Speak your way to Success!

"Success lives in the way you speak to the world"

Being a brilliant communicator can bring you wealth and success.

"Public Speaking instantly boosts your value by 50%" Warren Buffet

Everyone sits somewhere along the Speaker Skills Spectrum, but no-one is born at the top. Great presentation is down to skills that can be learnt, practised and developed.

You can learn to love public speaking and present, powerfully!

Who is this for...?

92% of HR Directors believe that communication skills are worth their weight in gold Yale Study

...It's for you.

Maybe you want to land a promotion at work? Perhaps you dream of starting a business of your own? Everyone from Accountants to Teachers to Authors to Leaders will benefit from developing their communication skills. It's the secret to your success and the most powerful tool we can harness.


Present powerfully & pitch with passion

Speak & inspire your team

Help women find their voice in your organisation



Speak as an authority in your industry

Give promotion-worthy presentations

Speak powerfully on stages & make an impact with social media



Learn how to WOW with data, 

Become a TED style star speaker

Graduating?  Supercharge your soft skills to win that interview.


What we do...

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills training to businesses and individuals

Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

"There are only two types of speakers in the world. 1 - The Nervous and 2 - Liars."  Mark Twain

Having the knowledge is one thing, but mastering the skill practically is a whole other ball game.  We teach the critical concepts involved in public speaking and presentation as well as offering individual coaching on each persons specific needs.  Specialised one to one coaching is the key to mastery and growth in speaking skills.

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Practice Groups

"Practice is the best of all instructors" Pubilius Syrrus

It's so important to practice these skills in order to develop real mastery.  This is not something you can learn from a book or video.  With expert coaching these sessions are all about you, you can work on your own unique style, practising all kinds of speaking skills in a dedicated monthly practice group. Essential for anyone serious about improving their speaking skills.

Women in the Workplace

"If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair"  Shirley Chisholm

Even today, women can experience stress in trying to getting their voices and opinions heard positively.  I've experienced first hand, women at senior levels in large global organisations struggle with micro-aggressions and other common workplace dynamics.  In these women only workshops we can explore these issues in a safe environment, help women find their natural, confident voice and build a positive mindset in which both men and women can work together.

Storytelling Skills

'The universe is made of stories, not atoms'  Muriel Rukeyser 

We are biologically hardwired to respond to stories, it's simply the most powerful way to sell, influence, persuade and promote.  Learn the science of storytelling and use our unique frameworks to add powerful stories to your communications.

Voice Masterclass

"The tongue can paint what the eyes can't see"  Proverb 

Your voice is one of your most important assets.  The ability to speak confidently, clearly and be heard positively is a complex skill set that requires knowledge and practice.  We cover classical acting vocal techniques to unleash the power of your natural voice.

Interview Skills

"Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way. —Booker T. Washington 

Take two candidates, both equally qualified, who gets the job?  The one with the best soft skills, of course.  Learn how to impress in your interview so that you have the edge over other the other candidates.  

Why Speaker Studio?

As a former professional actress, who later qualified as an NLP Trainer, I spent 10 years in Senior Executive roles at Apple and Google. 

My unique journey enables me to share the secrets of stellar speaking with you.

My Story

I have personally coached hundreds of trainers, speakers, salespeople, executives and actors at

Find your voice

"Presentation literacy is not optional, it’s a core skill for the 21st Century" - TED's Chris Anderson

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