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Speak your way to Success!

  • Worried about a presentation at work?
  • Giving a speech and dreading it?
  • Wish you could pitch more powerfully and persuasively?
  • Want to be seen as a leading authority and expert in your industry?
  • Want to build your brand story and attract more customers?
You can learn to be a compelling and confident speaker in all situations.  
Our Triple Core B-B-C System will take you from fearful to fabulous, helping you to find your own authentic, natural voice and style.
You can even learn to love Public Speaking, build Stage Presence and Present with Passion!
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Success lives in the way you speak to the world

Being a skilled communicator can transform your whole life, creating wealth and success in your work and even enhancing your personal and parenting life. Everyone sits somewhere along the Speaker Skills Spectrum, but no-one is born at the top. Great speaking is down to skills that can be learnt, practised and developed. By investing in your speaking skills you can learn how to attract customers, make more money and be perceived as a leader in your industry, not to mention learning to love Public Speaking, giving Powerful Presentations and getting your voice heard, above others, on all your platforms.

So, how can we help?

My name is Maia and I am in a unique position to help you as I have had three careers, all of which combine into a perfect storm; the ultimate foundation in successful Public Speaking.  

After Drama School I spent a decade as an actor on stage and TV, enjoying a wide variety of jobs from Shakespeare to Soaps.

Weary of the travelling lifestyle I re-trained as a Business Trainer which led to my NLP Master Practitioner and coaching/hypnotherapy qualifications. Here I learnt how to help people conquer their fears, master the art of persuasive communication and retrain their minds for peak performance.

My speaking skills then landed me a pretty cool job in tech, I spent a decade at Apple, then Google in Senior Executive roles, heading up Sales Training. 

This gives me over 30 years of experience in sales, acting, training, coaching and business.

As a professionally trained actress I can share the secrets of performance that will supercharge your presentation.  

As an NLP Master Practitioner, I can share techniques to eliminate your fears and mental barriers that hold back your best presentation in high pressure moments.

As a Senior Exec in two of the top global tech companies in the world, I can share the standards, expectations, skills and traps that I learned over a decade in these high pressure global orgs and help you to soar above expectations to success.

Over the years I've personally coached hundreds of actors and Apple/Google trainers in acting, sales, speaking and presentation skills.

That's my passion and I'd love to share my experience with you to help you:

  • become more successful at work or your business
  • make more sales and attract more customers
  • speak in public or give powerful presentations
  • market yourself and build a voice for your business
  • be recognised as a leading expert in your field through the power of passionate, compelling and artful speaking.
Learn the Secrets of Successful Speaking - FREE Masterclass!

All great speakers are made, not born.

There are 3 core elements that need to combine to make a successful presenter. Our Triple Core B+B+C System will support each stage of your transformation into a stellar speaker. Speaker Studio will carefully coach you on all three critical components that combine to create a charismatic speaker.

The BBC System

B + B + C = A Great Speaker!

Control your BRAIN

Your state of mind is crucial when presenting.  Speaking in public is the number one human fear.  It's natural to feel stress but unfortunately when stress is not controlled you can sabotage your own delivery with nerves and lack of focus. 

Using classic NLP techniques we can identify and remove your fear allowing you to focus on the task and speak confidently.  You can even learn to love public speaking!

Command your BODY

Your pose, posture, vocal quality, vocal tone, body language all send a message and often its not the message you’d like!  We use professional actor training techniques to gain complete control of how you are being perceived and make sure that your unspoken message is purely positive.

Most importantly, we give you the support, coaching and opportunity to practice your new skills so that you are perfectly tuned for your performance.

Captivate with CONTENT

We help you organise your thoughts and speak with clarity, learning how to deliver a message cleanly and communicate clearly to your audience with easy to understand elements.  

We use multiple training techniques and tools and our content creation formulas to help you structure your content and harness the power of facilitation in your delivery.  We cover structure, facilitation, storytelling, micro learning, feedback models, nested loops and many other professional training techniques to make your content and your slides soar into success.

This is for you if...

You want to develop your speaking skills to build success in your work or business.  
Entrepreneurs, Executives, Managers, Therapists, Authors, Salespeople, Speakers and Trainers will all benefit from this Ultimate Public Speaking Course.  
Covering all aspects of Speaking, Presentation and Content you will learn how to develop your body and mind to speak confidently and persuasively to your audience.
Join us at the FREE Masterclass in London on 19th May 2019 - Click here to save a seat!

What happens at the FREE Masterclass?

Join us for an afternoon of insights, techniques, formulas and tips to transform your speaking skills. Maia will take you through the core concepts of Public Speaking, share our unique formulas and show you how you can significantly improve your Public Speaking and Presentation Skills.

Your State is your Superpower

Controlling your state is the key to any successful presentation.  Unfortunately nerves and other mind barriers can ruin your performance.  

With our unique SuperState System, we use classic NLP alongside actor training techniques to banish those fears and unhelpful mindsets for good, bringing you into a positive and powerful delivery state so you can concentrate on what is important - wowing your audience!

Storytelling is your Secret Sauce

What's the best way to persuade someone? Tell them a story.  Storytelling is now an established and recognised skill in business and marketing, everyone from the CEO to the salesperson needs to harness the power of story to influence, persuade and engage their listener.  

As humans we are simply hardwired to accept stories and they impact our sub-conscious understanding of the world. Every brand and presentation needs a story so our unique Story Formulas will help you craft and deliver your story in the most engaging, successful way.

Live and breathe the Six P's

On the course you'll practice the Six P's to perfect your physical and vocal delivery style and tone.  Using professional acting techniques we share the secrets of how actors prepare their body and voice for performance and you will get individual coaching and support on your own delivery style.  

The aim is to ensure your body language is congruent with your speaking, as this is the only way to assure your audience trust and connect with you.

Charisma is not a gift, it's an attitude

It's true!  In the same way that you can learn to be a great speaker you can also learn the secrets of charisma.  It's all in the mindset, your intention to your listener that enables the magic to happen.  

This indeed is a skill that can be practised and honed to make you an unforgettable and powerful speaker.

Speaker Studio Content Creation Formulas

Worried about how to create marketing content for your business, write a speech or prepare your presentation?

Again our unique Speaker Studio Formulas will take you through the content creation process from A to Z

We have formulas for preparing, writing and delivering your own unique content and will even help you learn how to market your video content on social media.

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She Speaks!

Women Only Courses!

Having spent a decade in global tech, I know there are sometimes special challenges in women getting their voice heard and being seen as an expert authority in their field.  We run women only Public Speaking classes, run by women for women.  Join us and get your voice heard!

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"Maia spotted my potential and helped me to understand how to captivate an audience. Thanks to her vast knowledge in theatre, she built performance art into the training - I developed skills one would only hope to accrue at drama school. Merging these skills with her forward thinking delivery techniques, my training sessions were loved by all. Theatre was at the heart of my development with Maia, and through her guidance, I was able to convey confidence and captivate an audience of hundreds. She saw what was missing and created something great, from nested loops to spoken word I am confident that I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for Maia's skill and drive in the field."

Nathan Evans
Freelance Trainer

"Maia taught me techniques and different styles in public speaking and how to tailor to different situations. I learnt how to train large and small groups and how to really make a huge impression and make sure that everything I said was understood and retained. I have had other workshops but they never made a difference - but Maia did. She is incredibly supportive and knowledgable which makes a huge difference in the teaching process. If you have the opportunity to learn from her I would take that in a heartbeat. Thank you Maia for the changes you made to my life for the best!"

Oliver Khademi
Freelance Trainer

"The amount of information we covered is immense. Being practical I was able to really see results. It really helped me with my attitude to speaking as well as my actual delivery. Thank you to Maia and team for the outstanding support."

Katie S
Product Manager

I have personally coached hundreds of trainers, speakers, salespeople, executives and actors at

Speak your way to Success

Communication skills are the most important currency in today's business world. Land that next promotion or take your business to the next level by investing in your most valuable asset - your voice! NLP training and Actor training costs thousands of pounds. Speaker Studio offers you access to those same skills for only hundreds. Investing in your skills is the best thing you can do to ensure your success.

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