Speak your way to Success

Being a brilliant communicator can bring you wealth and success.

Everyone sits somewhere along the speaking skills spectrum, but no-one is born at the top. 

Great presentation is down to skills that can be learnt, practised and developed.

I can help you speak brilliantly.

If you're pitching for investment, giving a presentation at work, or simply want to get your voice heard positively, you can learn to love public speaking!


Meet Neve

I'm Neve Taylor, your Pitch & Presentation Coach.

I'm ex-Actress, ex-Apple and ex-Google. 

With 29 years industry experience, my unique background from Actress to Senior Executive brings together a powerhouse of skills, blending performance, training and coaching with a corporate global tech background.

I work with start-up incubators and accelerators, large corporates and individuals to help you get your voice heard powerfully.

Let me share the secrets of stellar speaking with you!

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Free! Pitch Burger

An investment pitch formula which shows you exactly how to structure and craft your winning investment pitch.

Build a powerful pitch that speaks to investors, triggers their interest and makes you stand out from the rest.

I have helped countless founders design and deliver their pitch to large investor audiences and successfully win their investment!

Free! Seven Secrets

Learn how to speak brilliantly at your next meeting with this guide. 

Be the person everyone listens to in a meeting. 

Give outstanding presentations and raise your profile at work. 

Get your voice heard positively and talk with confidence, influence and clarity.

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Who is this for?

85% of jobs and deals are won with soft skills, not experience.


CEOs need to pitch hundreds of times over their career. Whether it's over coffee or on a stage, how you talk about your business matters. 

I coach at Start Up Incubators & Accelerators to help founders create and perform amazing pitches that give voice to their business and investibility. 

I work in-house and also offer my PitchCraft! course.  A complete toolkit on how to craft, construct, practice and perform a winning investment pitch. 


Support your staff by upskilling their most important business talent - communication. 

I teach Powerful Presenter - a course to help Executives, speak up and deliver wonderful, compelling presentations.  A great presentation has a positive effect on the whole team dynamics and raises the bar of communication for everyone.  It's also the number one driver for promotion and the rated most challenging yet most valued skill by employees.


So many employees suffer in silence, unable to get their point across or be seen as leaders at work.  The consequences of not having a voice in the business are far reaching and demotivating. 

I coach online, (one to one and in groups) to empower people to find their voice, speak up and be heard positively.

Being heard can be challenging for women & minority groups where the dominant culture is not inclusive.

Build Your Winning Investment Pitch


A complete course in a box! 

PitchCraft is a deck of cards which covers how to plan, practice and perform your investment pitch from scratch. 

Step by step you will learn how to write and construct a powerful pitch with exercises on how to prepare and perform on the day.  

Plus, you get 6 monthly live online group coaching sessions included.

You can join me online from anywhere in the world to practice your pitch live, whilst getting expert coaching and techniques. 

All the knowledge you need is in the box, plus you get to really develop your new skills in the the live practice sessions.

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Practice Pitch & Presentation Skills

Speakers Circle!

Join our speaking community! Speaker's Circle is a monthly online group to practice your pitching and presenting skills.

In session we will focus on topics, you can ask questions, recap techniques and most importantly practice your skills for feedback and coaching.  Skills like presenting are practical, to get good at it, you must exercise those speaking muscles!


Learn Presentation Skills

How to Speak Brilliantly!

This is a live group online course with me.  During four  90 minute sessions over 4 weeks I will train and coach you in presentation skills so that you can create and deliver powerful presentations.  You will learn all the theory and techniques involved in powerful communications and be able to practice your skills onling with a supportive group of like minded professionals. 


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Ken Valledy & Neve Taylor

Do you need to pitch to Brand Managers at large corporates?

Have you failed to win a deal with Marketing and Brand Managers?

Marketing and Brand arms of large organisations need to be approached in a very specific way.  Their expectations on your pitch is very different to an investor audience.

With decades of experience in Marketing at global brands, Ken knows exactly how you should approach and pitch to win their business.  Don't throw away your big opportunity by not speaking their language. 

Get the insider secrets on how to pitch to brands.

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What people are saying...

Prasant Gurung

Neve is an excellent communicator and coach. She's made such an impact on our founders here at Block Dojo, channeling out their self-esteem, to get out of their shell and most importantly be their authentic selves! All this in just two sessions it's hard to believe! Strongly recommend her services

Dunja Rombouts

Neve is just beyond amazing!!
I was part of a business incubator and I was very uncomfortable speaking in public, not a good thing if you have to pitch for funding. Neve completely changed that, the results; winning multiple pitch competitions! And closing our funding round soon!
Her knowledge and experience are out of this world I would recommend her to anyone!

Hanna Szerszen

Neve is extraordinary. She lectures with passion that is too fierce to ignore. Her course on presentation and influencing through speaking was uniquely useful and I would recommend her to anyone who is seriously thinking about taking on any role that involves public speaking. Highly recommended!

Whitney Smith

I had a great experience with Speaker Studio. In our session, Neve was super friendly and personable, which instantly put me at ease and allowed me to fully engage in the session. The session was a great balance of theory and fun practical exercises. Honestly speaking, Neve has done more for my confidence in public speaking, than any other public speaking course I have attended, it has been truly transformational. I would definitely recommend Speaker Studio 👍

Myla Mullins

Neve was superb and gave me a confidence boost. We did a few NLP exercises together and she’s definitely helped me believe in myself more and set me on a positive path to overcome my fears. In addition to that she’s kind and warm and someone who is passionate about helping others! I admire that. Thanks Neve

Thijs Van Loon

Neve is a special kind of trainer. Not only is she very perceptive to the atmosphere in the room, she is also very capable in tuning into the attendee's mood and comment / reflect on this with expert ease. Honest in her feedback, and always respectful, she lets people in her classroom shine, and knows which bits of feedback to provide that increase people's effectiveness and learning 10-fold. You will come out of her training / coaching sessions with new insights, and with a clear plan on how to make it work for you. It's been a pleasure working with her.

Oliver Khademi

Neve taught me techniques and different styles in public speaking and how to tailor to different situations.
I learnt how to train large and small groups and how to really make a huge impression and make sure that everything I said was understood and retained.

I have had other workshops but they never made a difference - but Neve did. She is incredibly supportive and knowledgable which makes a huge difference in the teaching process.
If you have the opportunity to learn from her I would take that in a heartbeat.

Thank you for the changes you made to my life for the best!

Lief Erik Moe Paulsen

I have had the pleasure of attending Neves trainings on several occasions over the last years. She is a very experienced and skilled trainer, with a remarkable presence, an ability to listen and learn from her participants – and to make them the centre of the training.
Her skill, combined with her warm and positive personality makes it a real pleasure to attend any training she delivers, and I would recommend Neve for training any group of sales trainers, retail staff or store managers.

Nathan Evans

Neve spotted my potential and helped me to understand how to captivate an audience.
Thanks to her vast knowledge in theatre, she built performance art into the training - I developed skills one would only hope to accrue at drama school. Merging these skills with her forward thinking delivery techniques, my training sessions were loved by all. Theatre was at the heart of my development with Neve, and through her guidance, I was able to convey confidence and captivate an audience of hundreds.
She saw what was missing and created something great, from nested loops to spoken word I am confident that I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for Neve's skill and drive in the field.

How can I help?

Perhaps you are a CEO or Founder who needs to create an incredible investment pitch?

Or an employee in a large organisation who need support with presentations?

Or an entrepreneur who needs to improve speaking skills?

Or a leader in a large company who wants to support their staff to speak up and influence?

I work with both individual and organisations, let's connect and see how I can help you or your team.

A small sample of the partners I've worked with...