Be a Fearless Speaker PLUS Speakers Circle Membership!

Be a Fearless Speaker!

Our four day practical workshop in Public Speaking is held over two weekends.

You will be personally coached in the B-B-C System. Where we combine classic NLP, professional acting techniques and advanced training and facilitation techniques to help you be a compelling, comfortable and confident speaker.

Anyone who wishes to boost their business with videos or live talks, promote their product, pitch to investors or educate their audiences will benefit. 

Perhaps you are part of a large organisation and need to get your voice heard to reach promotion or persuade leaders to adopt your ideas?

Perhaps you want help and confidence in promoting your novel or product and want to understand how to powerfully communicate with your customers?

Whatever the speaking situation, we can help you.

Learn more about about this course at our free Masterclass where we also offer AWESOME DISCOUNTS on the course price.


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INCLUDES: 1 year of Speakers Circle Membership

This is a monthly practice group held on the first Sunday of each month.

Speaking is a practical skills and to truly master it you have to roll up your sleeves and give yourself a speaking workout.

This monthly practice group is a chance for you to refine and progress your new skills in a supportive like-minded environment.

You'll receive personal coaching from our actor experts and will work on many different skills from Impromptu speaking through to Ted Style talk preparation. 

It's a chance to make great connections and network with similar people. We limit the group to 40 people so you get the time and support you need.

Scroll down to see what's include with the Speakers Circle.


Save me a seat the FREE Masterclass

PLUS.. that's not all....!

Speaky Sundays Webinars

You get 1 years worth of weekly interactive webinars! 

Every Sunday we will hold an interactive webinar where you can receive coaching, advice and support on your content creation and structures, delivery ideas and techniques that you learned at the live course.

Ask us anything about the course or brainstorm with your fellow speakers to keep your skills on point and your speaking challenges supported.


Save me a seat the FREE Masterclass

PLUS: Access to our Private Facebook Group

Network with your speaker crowd for tips, tricks and helping hands as you grow your skills and your business.

PLUS: Free access to all our Speaky Sunday Webinar Recordings

Listen in and catch up with the latest webinar when it suits you!

PLUS: Free email support for life!

Mail us with any speaking related questions or worries and we will do our best to support you.

Be a Fearless Speaker!

The four day course covers every aspect of Public Speaking and thanks to our small groups, you will receive personal coaching from our trained actor experts. We teach within the framework of our B-B-C System which means you will learn how to CONTROL your STATE, COMMAND your BODY and CAPTIVATE with your CONTENT.

  • How to control your fears and activate an optimum state for high performance

  • How to anchor a perfect state of relaxed confidence for speaking

  • Personal coaching in the full B-B-C System for Public Speaking

  • Individual coaching on the 7 P's, which covers every aspect of your physical and vocal performance.

  • How to structure and craft your presentation with our Content 'G.I.M' formula.

  • How to achieve gesture congruency and why it is critical

  • How to craft and tell your unique brand story

  • Our Story Wave Model for structuring a compelling story

  • Our P.E.A.K. Program for achieving the perfect mindset and state for a confident performance.

  • How to prepare yourself and your content.

  • Individual coaching from trained actor and performance experts

  • The Science of Storytelling

  • How to speak with Charisma. (Clue - it's a skill not a gift)

  • The 4 Characters of Charisma and how to incorporate their power into your delivery.

  • How to harness authenticity to be confidently and uniquely yourself on stage.

  • Our S.T.O.R.Y Formula to help you effectively structure your stories.

  • Master The 5 RRRR's of Storytelling delivery

  • Our R.I.S.E. UP Formula to help you Structure and deliver your presentation or talk.

  • Our Social Media Content Formula to help you organise our campaigns and build meaningful relationships with your customers

  • A Live Speech Finale! On Day 4 you will present a live 5 minute speech or presentation to an invited audience.

  • Graduation Certificate!

  • Course Manual with Personal Note Log

  • Photography and Video of you performing your final speech! The photos and film are all yours and YES, this is included!

  • This is a practical and intensive course where you will receive direct coaching and opportunity to practically apply your new skills with the support of industry experts.

  • No other course combines professional actor training with NLP training AND global leadership experience.

  • Maia is in a unique position to hand over her direct experience as a trained professional actress, a trained Professional NLP Master and her insights as a Senior Manager at Apple and Google.  

Our Unique B-B-C System

B_rain      B_ody      C_ontent


Your state of mind is crucial when presenting.  Speaking in public is the number one human fear.  It's natural to feel stress but unfortunately when stress is not controlled you can sabotage your own delivery with nerves and lack of focus. 

Using classic NLP techniques we can identify and remove your fear allowing you to focus on the task and speak confidently.  You can even learn to love public speaking!


Your pose, posture, vocal quality, vocal tone, body language all send a message and often its not the message you’d like!  We use professional actor training techniques to gain complete control of how you are being perceived and make sure that your unspoken message is purely positive.

Most importantly, we give you the support, coaching and opportunity to practice your new skills so that you are perfectly tuned for your performance.


We help you organise your thoughts and speak with clarity, learning how to deliver a message cleanly and communicate clearly to your audience with easy to understand elements.  

We use multiple training techniques and tools and our content creation formulas to help you structure your content and harness the power of facilitation in your delivery.  We cover structure, facilitation, storytelling, micro learning, feedback models, nested loops and many other professional training techniques to make your content and your slides soar into success.

The Speakers Circle

On the first Sunday afternoon of each month you can meet up and develop your skills in a fun, like-minded group.

  • At each session the Director will run exercises to enhance your performance in all three Brain, Body and Content development areas.  You will get the chance to speak regularly in front of the group and invited audiences.

  • Perfect if you have something you'd like to work on or to develop a completely new piece of content and delivery.  

  • You'll be able to tap into all the techniques that Speaker Studio offer in a relaxed, fun and supportive team environment with access to professional experts and world class coaching.

  • The topics will change each month, but you'll always get a chance to practice and develop your core skills:

  • - Presentation delivery

  • - Storytellling skills

  • - Ted Style Speaking

  • - Improvisational Speaking

  • - Content Creation and Structure

  • - Sexy Slides 

  • - The Speaker Studio B-B-C System

  • - Annual membership (12 sessions).

  • Sessions run on the first Sunday of each month 2pm to 5pm.  From Sunday 1st September 2019

  • Venue: Arts Ed College, Turnham Green, Chiswick W4 or Holiday Inn Kensington High St.

  • Membership runs for 12 months (12 consecutive sessions), from your date of purchase.  Pay per session or purchase an annual pass

  • PLUS: Don't forget you also have membership to Speaky Sundays - our weekly webinar coaching forum.  Ask questions, brainstorm and network with your fellow speaker friends.

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At our regular FREE masterclasses in Central London you can learn about the course and take home brilliant strategies and techniques for Public Speaking - PLUS we also offer discounts on the 4 day course at the Masterclass. So come and spend a couple of hours with us and find out how you can increase your professional value by 50% - that's according to Warren Buffet, the worlds most successful investor!


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