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Everything your colleagues need to deliver amazing presentations. 

A complete tool-kit of techniques, PLUS personal coaching sessions.

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What will we learn:

This is a complete foundation course covering every aspect of public speaking and presentation skills -    but what's particularly special about it, is the individual coaching element. 

Here we can really drill down into each person's needs and coach them directly on the skills they need.

  • How to control you mind and performance state so that you are in control of your nerves and able to focus and think clearly.
  • How to control your physicality and unconscious body language so you're not giving out a negative unspoken message or one that does not help you.
  • How to build a compelling presentation using story, metaphor and well crafted arguments that will make your audience want to listen.
  • How to make data sexy and build powerful slides
  • How to use images in your slide deck and the mistakes to avoid.
  • How to structure a persuasive presentation
  • How to use Pattern Interrupt to surprise and delight your audience

What you'll get:

  • One full day Seminar teaching the Speaker Studio presentation formulas and BBC System.
  • 1 full day Follow up Clinic sessions with INDIVIDUAL COACHING on the BBC System covering Brain, Body and Content.  Each attendee can book 1 hour coaching slots at the clinic. 
  • If you would like to add further coaching clinic sessions to support your staff we can tailor the package to suit you.

Full Day Seminar

We will visit your business for a full day seminar for up to 50 delegates.  This will cover the key principles of the program, the techniques and formulas you need to succeed and how to put them into practice. This is the theory session before we put the skills into practice!

Personal Coaching

Following the seminar, we will return to host 1 hour clinic sessions with any delegates who registered at the seminar to receive 1-2-1 professional coaching in public speaking with our expert coaches. The delegates can work on real presentations and their own unique issues. Private, practical coaching is the fastest, most effective way to develop speaking skills.

Speaker Studio Formulas

We teach unique formulas on how to both craft and deliver your content.  So you'll learn what makes content engaging and interesting, how to hold attention and how to speak so that people listen. Charisma is not a gift, it's an attitude!

The B-B-C System

Brain - Body - Content:  Control your brain and stop those nerves from taking over.  Command your body by sending out positive body language signals.  Captivate your audience with awesome and interesting content.

NLP at Work

NLP is an incredible communication tool.  As NLP Master Practitioners we can incorporate classic NLP exercises to banish anxiety and build a positive performance state when you deliver.

Acting Techniques

Harness the secrets of the stage that only actors know. We use professional acting techniques to help you control your voice, physicality and overall stage presence.  

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