Speakers Circle Practice Group

We host monthly practice group sessions at the Crowne Plaza in Reading so that you can practically develop your speaking and presentation skills.  

These sessions involve practical exercises and individual coaching from a Speaker Studio expert facilitator.


What will we learn?

Ongoing practice is the best way to properly advance your speaking skills.  You can work on their own projects and presentations, as well as developing your skills in group tasks. 

A great way to become part of a fun, speaking community, learn about your presentation style and cement lasting skills and real change.

We host the monthly 3 hour session on the first sunday of each month at The Crowne Plaza in Reading 2pm - 5pm 

It's a lot of fun and there is no better way to improve your speaking skills.

This package is sold as a set of 6 sessions, held over 6 months.

This course covers: 

  • Impromptu and improvisational exercises
  • Table Topics - think on your feet
  • Vocal warm up
  • Physical warm ups
  • Speaker Studio formulas and frameworks to structure your presentations
  • Ongoing development using the B-B-C Framework
  • Individual coaching on your needs
  • Group feedback and support
  • Monthly challenges and awards

At each session the Director will run exercises to enhance your performance in all three Brain, Body and Content development areas.  You will get the chance to speak in front of your group and invited audiences. Great if you have something you'd like to work on or to develop a completely new piece of content and delivery.   You'll be able to tap into all the techniques that Speaker Studio offer in a relaxed, fun and supportive team environment with access to professional experts and world class coaching. The topics will change each month, but you'll always get a chance to practice and develop your core skills: 

For further information please email us on [email protected]

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