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Join us to learn how improving your public speaking skills can supercharge your career.

Speaking is one of the most important skills to master in business. 

Becoming a confident, credible and compelling speaker will open doors to sales success in your business and increase your opportunity for promotion at work.

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What happens at the Masterclass?

We will share our Triple Core BBC System which gives you the ultimate foundation in Public Speaking, Presentation and Content Creation Skills.

Over three hours we will share unique learning formulas, insights, tools and techniques to help you ramp up your speaking skills and take your work or business to the next level.

This Masterclass is 100% free, with no obligations, so you can find out more about what Speaker Studio offers and how we can help you succeed. 

Take an afternoon out to focus on yourself and see how supercharging your speaking skills can bring you success in 2019!

The B-B-C System

Whatever your worry, we have it covered...


London Masterclasses are held at the Holiday Inn, Kensington High Street, Wrights Lane London W8 5SP.

It's just a short walk from High St Kensington tube station.  If you're driving there is a car park at the hotel (expensive) or on street parking in the surrounding streets. The session will last around 2.5 hours, all you need to bring is yourself! There are pens and paper provided  - there'll be tons of good info and strategies to note down!

We will share with you our unique and brilliant strategies to improve your public speaking skills. We will take you through the core concepts of creating and delivering amazing presentations, speeches, videos and webinars. 

We know the SECRETS of successful speakers

and we want to share that with you!


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