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How to Speak Brilliantly!

Join our 4 week live online public speaking course to transform your confidence and skills in meetings and presentations.

What you'll get:

  • Two live and recorded Zoom sessions per week, for four weeks.
  • Sessions run on Mondays and Wednesdays 7pm BST / 11am Pacific & 2pm Eastern Time
  • Individual coaching in a group setting
  • Complete foundation course in speaking and presentation with your final performance in the last session.
  • Access to private Facebook Group

Admission closes on Saturday 19th September 2020.  You must purchase before then to join the course.

What People Are Saying:

Neve is a special kind of trainer. Not only is she very perceptive to the atmosphere in the room, she is also very capable in tuning into the attendee's mood and comment / reflect on this with expert ease. Honest in her feedback, and always respectful, she lets people in her classroom shine, and knows which bits of feedback to provide that increase people's effectiveness and learning 10-fold. You will come out of her training / coaching sessions with new insights, and with a clear plan on how to make it work for you. It's been a pleasure working with her.

Thijs Van Loon

Neve taught me techniques and different styles in public speaking and how to tailor to different situations. I learnt how to train large and small groups and how to really make a huge impression and make sure that everything I said was understood and retained. I have had other workshops but they never made a difference - but Neve did. She is incredibly supportive and knowledgable which makes a huge difference in the teaching process. If you have the opportunity to learn from her I would take that in a heartbeat. Thank you for the changes you made to my life for the best!

Oliver Khademi

I had a great experience with Speaker Studio. In our session, Neve was super friendly and personable, which instantly put me at ease and allowed me to fully engage in the session. The session was a great balance of theory and fun practical exercises. Honestly speaking, Neve has done more for my confidence in public speaking, than any other public speaking course I have attended, it has been truly transformational. I would definitely recommend Speaker Studio 👍

Whitney Smith

Neve spotted my potential and helped me to understand how to captivate an audience. Thanks to her vast knowledge in theatre, she built performance art into the training - I developed skills one would only hope to accrue at drama school. Merging these skills with her forward thinking delivery techniques, my training sessions were loved by all. Theatre was at the heart of my development with Neve, and through her guidance, I was able to convey confidence and captivate an audience of hundreds. She saw what was missing and created something great, from nested loops to spoken word I am confident that I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for Neve's skill and drive in the field.

Nathan Evans

Neve was superb and gave me a confidence boost. We did a few NLP exercises together and she’s definitely helped me believe in myself more and set me on a positive path to overcome my fears. In addition to that she’s kind and warm and someone who is passionate about helping others! I admire that. Thanks Neve

Myla Mullins