All Great Speakers Are Made, Not Born.

Carmine Gallo

There are 3 core elements that need to coalesce to make a successful presenter: Brain, Body & Content.

Our B+B+C System will support each stage of your transformation into a stellar speaker.  Speaker Studio will carefully coach you on all three critical components that combine to create a charismatic speaker.

The B.B.C. System

B + B + C = A Great Speaker!


Your state of mind is crucial when presenting.  Speaking in public is the number one human fear.  It's natural to feel stress but unfortunately when stress is not controlled you can sabotage your own delivery with nerves and lack of focus.

Using classic NLP techniques we can identify and remove your fear allowing you to focus on the task and speak confidently.  You can even learn to love public speaking!


Your pose, posture, vocal quality, vocal tone, body language all send a message and often its not the message you’d like!  We use professional actor training techniques to gain complete control of how you are being perceived and make sure that your unspoken message is purely positive.

Most importantly, we give you the support, coaching and opportunity to practice your new skills so that you are perfectly tuned for your performance.


We help you organise your thoughts and speak with clarity, learning how to deliver a message cleanly and communicate clearly to your audience with easy to understand elements. 

We use multiple training techniques and tools and our content creation formulas to help you structure your content and harness the power of facilitation in your delivery.  We cover structure, facilitation, storytelling, micro learning, feedback models, nested loops and many other professional training techniques to make your content and your slides soar into success.

What will you learn?

Every successful speaker needs to master these key concepts

Your State is your Superpower

Controlling your state is the key to any successful presentation.  Unfortunately nerves and other mind barriers can ruin your performance.  

With our unique SuperState System, we use classic NLP alongside actor training techniques to banish those fears and unhelpful mindsets for good, bringing you into a positive and powerful state so you can concentrate on what is important - wowing your audience!

Storytelling is your Secret Sauce

What's the best way to persuade someone? Tell them a story.  Storytelling is now an established and recognised skill in business and marketing, everyone from the CEO to the salesperson needs to harness the power of story to influence, persuade and engage their listener.  

As humans we are hardwired to accept stories and they impact our sub-conscious understanding of the world. Every brand and presentation needs a story and our unique Story Formulas will help you understand the science of storytelling, to craft and deliver your message in the most engaging, successful way.

Free your natural voice

Your voice is your most powerful asset and stress can play havoc with this powerful instrument.  Learn how to harness your natural vocal power and presence with professional acting and singing techniques that have helped millions of actors learn to control their vocal instrument and project their voice positively.

Master your Mindset with NLP

Knowing all the presentation techniques in the world won't make you feel less anxious when you get up on stage to speak.  NLP exercises break through those barriers to switch you into a positive mindset and state so that you can harness the power of your nerves and use that energy in your performance.  It's not about not being nervous, it's about being in control of your state.

Live and breathe the Seven P's

On the course you'll practice the Seven P's to perfect your physical and vocal delivery style and tone.  Using professional acting techniques we share the secrets of how actors prepare their body and voice for performance and you will get individual coaching and support on your own delivery style.  

The aim is to ensure your body language is congruent with your speaking, as this is the only way to assure your audience trust and connect with you.

Charisma is not a gift, it's an attitude

It's true!  In the same way that you can learn to be a great speaker you can also learn the secrets of charisma.  It's all in the mindset and your delivery, your intention to your listener enables the magic to happen.  

This indeed is a skill that can be practised and honed to make you an unforgettable and powerful speaker.

Content Creation Formulas

Worried about how to create marketing content for your business, write a speech or prepare your presentation?

Again our unique Speaker Studio Formulas will take you through the content creation process from A to Z

We have formulas for preparing, writing and delivering your own unique content and will even help you learn how to market your video content on social media.



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