She Speaks Brilliantly!:

Friday 25 March 2022.  Live Presenter led Zoom Course.  10:00 GMT start time. 

Online Course with live presenter, includes a private coaching session with speaking expert, Neve Taylor.

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Take the first step towards transformation.


Gift yourself some brilliant communication skills to help your career soar!

Even at senior levels it's not easy for women to get their voice heard in large organisations. 

Take it from me, I'm ex-Apple and ex-Google! 

I combine my professional acting training and career, my NLP Mastery and my decade as a Senior Executive in Global Tech to help you master the skills you need to speak brilliantly at work.




Gain control of your nerves, be focussed, calm and articulate!



Make your body language work for you - not against you.



Learn how to speak with confidence and influence with your content.

You’re just a few steps away from changing how you are perceived at work. 
You can speak brilliantly in meetings and present powerfully to your team.
You can learn to love your voice and be heard - positively!
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What will I get?

A live online class PLUS a private personal coaching session!

She Speaks Brilliantly! is a live online class, face to face, with speaking expert Neve Taylor, followed by a 1-2-1 online coaching session.

In a small, private virtual classroom of like-minded career women, you will discover the techniques of super speakers.  Using our unqiue B-B-C System, you will learn how to control your nerves, focus your mindset,  improve your body language, gesture and vocal quality and structure your content to win over your audience.

After the group class you will have your own private coaching session with Neve, to work directly on your needs and individual skill level. This private coaching session is included in your course fee.

This way, you get expert tuition in a live setting with personal coaching included!

Online courses are notoriously difficult to motivate yourself to complete.  Many people sign up to expensive video courses and never even watch a single second of the training. 

With Speaker Studio you have a real life expert, face to face, to guide you through the skills.

You can ask questions, interract with others and tailor the content to your needs. 

Speaking is a practical art.

This not the kind of skill you can learn alone or from a book, it needs feedback, guidance and practical application.  That's why our courses are live and your personal needs are supported.

It's the only way to get real results!

We will cover my unique B-B-C System in the group training and work on your individual skills in your private session.

B is for BRAIN

You will learn how to:

Calm your nerves

Use your breathing to banish anxiety

Prepare your mindset for focus

Prepare your state for P.EA.K. performance

Prepare and rehearse your content

Banish old habits that work against you

Learn to love your voice and your own unique style




B is for BODY

You will learn how to:

Master The Seven P's ( Pose, Pitch, Pause, Pace, Power, Practice and Performance)

Display authentic and natural body language

Make your physicality work for you not against you

Improve vocal quality, tone and placement

Master the Four Characters of Charisma - adapt your vocal quality to influence and gain rapport

The importance of Gesture Congruency

Be the best version of you in a high stress situation

Gain rapport with the even most difficult audience.



C is for CONTENT

You will learn how to:

Use and structure STORY into your presentations

Use images powerfully in your pitch

Use facilitation to win over your audience

Use metaphor and analogy and nested loops to influence

Use the Power of Three

Structure clean and powerful content

Use questions and storytelling to make your message powerful



What my clients say...


Neve is extraordinary. She lectures with passion that is too fierce to ignore. Her course on presentation and influencing through speaking was uniquely useful and I would recommend her to anyone who is seriously thinking about taking on any role that involves public speaking. Highly recommended!

-Hanna Szerszen, Lawyer.


I had a great experience with Speaker Studio. In our session, Neve was super friendly and personable, which instantly put me at ease and allowed me to fully engage in the session. The session was a great balance of theory and fun practical exercises. Honestly speaking, Neve has done more for my confidence in public speaking, than any other public speaking course I have attended, it has been truly transformational. I would definitely recommend Speaker Studio 👍

-Whitney Smith, Entrepreneur.


Neve was superb and gave me a confidence boost. We did a few NLP exercises together and she’s definitely helped me believe in myself more and set me on a positive path to overcome my fears. In addition to that she’s kind and warm and someone who is passionate about helping others! I admire that. Thanks Neve

-Myla Mullins, Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions
From Neve:

Your success is personal. And you’re not in this alone.



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