Train the Trainer


Do you require some of your staff to train others in your organisation? 

Do they have the right skill set to be effective?

This Train the Trainer course will help your staff become confident and effective trainers.  

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What will we learn?

This is a five day course,

This is a complete foundation in train the trainer techniques and best practices.

We teach advanced training best practices, developed over 30 years in the industry and leveraging NLP, facilitation and Drama techniques.

This course covers: 

  • The Trainer State - using NLP to create the perfect state
  • The Learner States - how we learn
  • How to create a learning mindset
  • The training room environment
  • Advanced facilitation skills
  • How to 'Train', not 'Tell"
  • How to build a good slide deck
  • How to handle different learner types and personalities
  • How to chunk and manage information
  • How to structure training content
  • Nested loops and other storytelling techniques
  • Our Speaker Studio delivery and content formulas
  • How to generate content that sticks
  • How to use image in presentations
  • How to create interactivity, gamification and increase engagement
  • How to give feedback properly and safely
  • How to build rapport with your learners
  • Practical teach-back to pass end of course assessment
  • Film of your trainers final presentation
  • Certificate of completion
  • Feedback report with skill recommendations

The B-B-C System

Brain - Body - Content:  Control your brain and stop those nerves from taking over.  Command your body by sending out positive body language signals.  Captivate your audience with awesome and interesting content.

NLP at Work

NLP is an incredible communication tool.  As NLP Master Practitioners we can incorporate classic NLP exercises to banish anxiety and build a positive performance state when you deliver.

Acting Techniques

Harness the secrets of the stage that only actors know. We use professional acting techniques to help you control your voice, physicality and overall stage presence.  

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