Voice Masterclass

Does speaking in front of a group make you anxious? 

Do you worry about how your voice sounds or feel you don't have enough vocal power to command the room?

Let us help you train your most important tool - your voice.


What will we learn?

Professional actor / trainers will coach you on your vocal delivery and share the secrets of professional voice training with you.

This one day workshop will help you increase your vocal power without strain and improve your vocal tone to talk confidently and with charisma.

This course covers: 

  • Professional acting vocal techniques
  • Vocal warm ups and voice care
  • Exercises to develop your tone and delivery
  • Learn the 4 voices of charisma and develop your vocal style
  • Develop a varied, interesting and compelling vocal style that will carry your voice and your message positively
  • Vocal assessment and feedback
  • A practical workshop packed with techniques and exercises.
  • Masterclasses held regularly in reading at the Crowne Plaza hotel.
  • Next session: 21 November 2019. 10am - 5pm at Crowne Plaza in Reading.

Want to know more..?

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